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Online Blackjack is one of the most rapidly expanding areas of both the Internet, and the gambling world in general. More and more gamblers and people who never thought they would be are logging on and exploring the world of casino games through the Internet. Online blackjack is the first stop for many, and if your anything like me, itís the last stop, because I just canít stop.

I have set up this information page to help guide these two types of people, those new the Internet but not new to gambling, and those new to gambling but not new to the internet, to where they want to be. And that where is playing online blackjack. First off, the section entitled online blackjack basics highlights some of the differences between land based casino blackjack and the version played online. Beyond that we look at some basic rules and strategy for blackjack and online blackjack, a little history of the game, and we end off with a look at some standard blackjack systems.

The most excellent thing about playing blackjack online is that you can play it anytime (and with some fancy technology, anywhere), and on your own. No dealer needed, no friends needed, nothing but you, your monitor, your Internet connection, and the game of chance. I hope this page informs you a little, and helps you out when you begin your venture into online blackjack.

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