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Online Blackjack

Online blackjack is very similar to the land-based game in structure, rules, and play; the largest difference occurs in the surrounding environment. Picture yourself at a real casino, bright colors, flashing lights, hardly dressed girls, and lots and lots of alcohol. Now picture yourself playing online blackjack: hardly dressed girls and lots and lots of alcohol.. just kidding. The point is you get to control your environment and therefore minimize distractions. Want a list of distractions the casinos throw at you? Too bad, I couldn’t list them because if I did I would be describing every aspect of every thing you see, feel, and hear when you enter a casino.. it’s just that bad. Online blackjack is no exception to this phenomenon. When you sit down to play for real money, make sure that your in a comfortable chair, with a refreshing drink (preferably one with caffeine, but not if you drink a lot.. it could overexcite you into making a foolish bet), and lots of light. Natural light is best so open the curtains if it’s daytime. Don’t drink alcohol before or during your online blackjack session. It is less important not to drink at home, since one of the most debilitating factors of alcohol intake in a casino is your reduced reaction time, the inability to do some comprehension between your cards being dealt and your decision to hit or stick. Online you have all of the time in the world to make your decision, you could even go for a walk to think about it, check some online resources, go to a forum and ask a question.. anything! Complete control of your environment is a startlingly important variable when you get down to thinking about it. So pay some attention to it, and maximize the benefit you can get from it the next time you logon to play online blackjack.

Resources: Double Down Chart | Hit and Stand Chart | Splitting Pairs Chart